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After years of playing around with new web technologies, content management systems, and spatial hypertext, I have decided to simplify my life and this site. I hope you enjoy looking around. I will update it when it seems prudent, but my blog "Sandals at the Gate" is where I do my writing.
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Reflections of an unabashed political and social progressive, Gen-X poet, and Episcopal Religious...
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Welcome, O wanderer and friend! If you have a dissident spirit, you may find a place here. My name is Brother Karekin, aka the PunkMonk, and I am an Episcopal friar, writer, political activist, and proud social deviant resident in San Francisco. I live here with my husband Anthony (in spite of Proposition 8). I am a member of the Brotherhood of Saint Gregory which I humbly serve as their Minister Provincial for Province 8 which includes the West Coast. I have been a religious for 15 years, after having come to the realization that my life as an angry, punk, street kid were serving no one at all. I am deeply Christian, and unapologetically liberal and fondly remember the days when that was not a dirty thing to say.

Baptismal Covenant Video Most people, after reading that first paragraph, grok that I am not a celibate religious. For those that didn't, well there you are. Our vow of Chastity can entail, but is not limited to, celibacy. While I have deep admiration for those of my brothers and sisters who have chosen the celibate life, I believe that sexuality when rightly enjoyed is also deeply sacred. And I am deeply appreciative of its variety in expression and practice. I am proud to be a Christian with a decidedly positive and expansive view of human sexuality. I provide Spiritual Direction for individuals in the SF Bay Area, working particularly with members of the transgendered community. While I am not transgender, I have personally struggled with my own Angels over gender expression and have a deep affinity/admiration/compassion for individuals who wrestle with gender identity and have run the risk of alternative expression.

I am involved in the progressive Christian movement aimed at social change, and have at various times worked with organizations like CrossLeft and Social Redemption. Our parish in San Francisco is Saint John the Evangelist Episcopal Church which is a model of human diversity. I am an advocate (sometimes reluctantly) of the Great Emergence movement and the New Monasticism, especially considering that the Brotherhood of Saint Gregory has been living it for forty years. I work as a liturgical software development consultant for organizations like Church Publishing.

tatI earned the nickname "punk monk" as the first gen-x member of the Brotherhood. I am the subject of the documentary film "Changing Habits" and am the author of three books - "The Skillfullness of Shepherds", "Equipping the Saints" and "In Love and Service Bound.". This website is about me, my life, and my passions. I hope it is not utterly self-indulgent, but offers something of interest to others who stop by. Cosmic Eggshells, a subsection of this site, celebrates human creativity in matters of the spirit while contemplating the unfathomable mystery of life. I encourage you to check it out. No matter what, I am thrilled to know you're here!

Br. K~

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Reflections of an unabashed political and social progressive, Gen-X poet, and Episcopal religious, looking to help God redeem the establishment from the inside out.
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