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"Briefly, he, hungers for pears to fill his mouth. Night waxes, humid, dreaming of soft plums. He loves her, because she is a pearl in darkness... she eats his song; her mouth a turtledove."

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In praise of geeky things...

There is probably nothing that fascinates me more than modern technology. I am the guy who eagerly awaits the release of new computer hardware, new devices and new software. I am an avowed Apple devotee and currently run a brand new 13" aluminum unibody MacBook. I have not yet taken the leap to the iPhone, because on principal I will not support AT&T. But I do have the iPod Touch which I think is one of the most exquisite mobile devices in the world. For the time being, my mobile platform is the Blackberry Storm, which is... well, not so much.

Software particularly intrigues me as a developer. Particularly, software that helps to organize information. As an early adopter of social networks and Web 2.0 technologies, I am constantly looking for software the will do for my information what social networks do for my relationships. Make meaningful connections! Two products currently captivate my attention.

One is Devon Technology’s DevonThink Pro Office. It is a database, knowledge management system with built in AI to find meaningful connections among the data that seems to accummulate on my hard drive. The other is PersonalBrain which allows you to link thoughts in a type of mind mapping but with a simple twist that is revolutionary when it comes to mindmaps. To see PersonalBrain in action, visit Revelations of Sacred Geometry, my hypertext work of prosetry that uses PersonalBrain as a tool for writing. The developers of these two products are thoughtful, responsive, and engaged with their users in a way that other developers would do well to model. I have beta tested both products for a good number of years and am thrilled with their continued attempts to address the community that uses their products. While, DevonThink is made for the Mac OS, PersonalBrain is cross-platform and works on Windows and Linux systems as well as Mac. Both pieces of software have revolutionized the way I work with information.

Other notable software products are Ironic Software’'s suite of applications for managing media, tags, and documents; the Visual Thesaurus, and Eastgate’s Tinderbox - affectionately known as the Woody Allen of outliners.

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Reflections of an unabashed political and social progressive, Gen-X poet, and Episcopal religious, looking to help God redeem the establishment from the inside out.
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