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"I meet your eyes, those startling birds. Your face is open, unfathomable, a word stretched sideways. It defies meaning and then relents."

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PunkMonkSF is You should try some...

I often have my head in the clouds... data clouds, tag clouds, swarm clouds. is the perfect place for me.

PunkMonkSF is about Facebook...

Who knew that connecting with friends, old and new, could be so much fun or take so much of my time! I adore FaceBook and its ability to keep people in touch over distance and the busy-ness of daily life.

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Tweet, tweet...

On Twitter, I am punkmonksf. Follow me?

PunkMonkSF is a Flickr away...

The best way to know about my life is to see about my life. A picture is worth much more than a thousand words. But as long as they're public, blackmail is no longer an option!
punkmonksf's Mother of Peace photoset punkmonksf's Mother of Peace photoset

PunkMonkSF is BlogRolling rolling rolling...

Here are some rather extraordinary people who blog online. They make me think, they make me laugh and - in the case of one or two of them - I hang on every word they say. Some of them are dear friends. Some of them I wish were friends.

Unimaginable Inscape
Anglican Resistance
Bending the Rule
Bishop Marc
Brotherhood of Saint Gregory (BSG)
BSG Province 2 Blog
BSG Province 4 Blog
BSG Province 8 Blog
Christian Alliance for Progress
Christians and Writers and Queers, Oh My!
Dylan's Lectionary Blog
Entangled States
Episcopal Cafe
Episcopal California - Sean McConnell's Blog on Vox
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Father Jake Stops the World
Gallycat's Lounge
Idle Ramblings of the LutherPunk
In a Godward direction

Louie Crew
meditatio (The Rev. John Kirkley)
Monastic Mumblings, a Friar's Journey
PRELUDIUM (Mark Harris)
Province IV of BSG
Province VIII of BSG
Revolution NYC - Jay Bakker
TELCameroon (Rev. Tracy's Cameroon Blog)
That We All May Be One
The Center for Progressive Christianity
The Episcopal Majority
the memepool
The Questioning Christian
The Smirking Chimp
Thinking Anglicans
Thomas's Journal
Wounded Bird (Grandmere Mimi)

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Reflections of an unabashed political and social progressive, Gen-X poet, and Episcopal religious, looking to help God redeem the establishment from the inside out.
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