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"Such vanity from nothing But a spirit; a hungry ghost who feeds upon our sighs, swallows up the echo of our wailing days – we, whose withered hearts grow plaintive, now wandering as a flock of birds."
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Thoughts on language...

A visit to the Mother of Peace Orphanage in Zimbabwe. Photos photos

What a tantalizing game we play with the human tongue! The breath, the teeth, the vibrations and breath of language - these things conspire making music which teases the mind and spirit to see and hear things anew. Language has the capacity to startle, to inspire, to incite rage and to bring life. At their best, words have the capacity to draw us into new understandings of ourselves and others. They can cave in our expectations of the way the world is, and they can give us new and deeper insights into things that we no longer pay attention to because we no longer find them inspiring or worthy. What a strange gift we have been given to paint pictures in the human heart! I love to play with language. I love the rhythm of it and the musicality. I like turning old phrases upside down so that we might hear them again. I deeply enjoy using words in unexpected ways so that we can once again come face to face with the mystery of them. I would love to lay claim to the assertion that much of what I write is not, in fact, merely rubbish. But that is not for me to decide. That is for others to determine. If any of the writing that you have come across so far suggests that my work might be worth your time, I encourage you to read on.


Before most other things, I am a poet. That's the way my heart behaves. Many of the quotes you come across here are from my poetry. Representative pieces of my writing are collected on this site. I have been blessed to have my poetry well received by readers. I have a deep fondness for the modernists like Eliot and Pound, the expansive elegance of James Merrill's "Changing Light at Sandover" and David Jones' "Anathemata", and I am not at all thrilled with the tenor of academic poetry today which I think has lost all sense of relevance or narrative. I celebrate rich imagery and form, and I appreciate the transgressive. I hope you'll read it. But as some have done in the past, please don’t borrow it, hand it in as your own, or use it without credit.

Revelations and Other Works

The Revelations of Sacred Geometry is a hyper-text proem in progress using one of my favorite geektools. It is an experimental work of narrative fiction using a variety of forms, images, and plot devices. I am thoroughly enjoying writing it, especially in its current form. Wander around (I mean that quite literally) a bit if you like. The work is so far mostly concentrated on character studies, but there is some playful prose and the interface is fascinating to play with!

Although I never expected it, I have had a rather good time of it lately writing non-fiction. The Brotherhood has been wonderfully supportive of this since most of the works are written for them! I have recently written the first authorized history of the community which is due to be released this summer. Another written reflection on Life Vows entitled “For the Balance of My Life” has been well received by the Gregorians and even shared with other religious outside of our community. I also enjoy writing pieces for worship, including prayers and Eucharistic celebrations which have been freely borrowed and used in Episcopal churches around the country. These can also be found collected on this site.


WikiklesiaConceived and established in May 2007, the Wikiklesia Project is an experiment in on-line collaborative publishing. The format is virtual, self-organizing, participatory - from purpose to publication in just a few weeks.

Wikiklesia may be the world's first self-perpetuating nomadic business model - raising money for charities - giving voice to emerging writers and artists - generating a continuous stream of new books covering all manner of relevant topics. Nobody remains in control. There is no board of directors.

I'm one of the voices along with friends Brother Maynard, Ed Brenegar, Andrew Jones, John La Grou, Len Hjalmarson, Rick Meigs, and a host of other great writers that includes Scot McKnight, Bob Hyatt, Drew Goodmanson, Kester Brewin and Heidi Campbell.

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Reflections of an unabashed political and social progressive, Gen-X poet, and Episcopal religious, looking to help God redeem the establishment from the inside out.
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