The only boundary between us and the “other” is our fear. Fear that to be in relationship with the outsider or oppressed means that we will lose ourselves. Fear that the other may indeed transform us. But it is not merely the other that will transform our hearts. It is love itself that will change us!
Br. Karekin, BSG

Courtesy of Every Voice Network, from the Via Media series. Br. Karekin Yarian, BSG reflects on the Baptismal Covenant as a Rule of Life for Christians.

The annual gathering snapshots and music: Sibelius arranged for the Brothers' Schola, and a rousing Welsh hymn round it out.


Blessing of Animals, Castro Street Fair. 2017

Blessing of Animals, Castro Street Fair. 2017

I am a political and social activist, a Christian Anarchist, a transgender queer human, a poet, and a religious — a Gregorian Friar. There are perhaps many other labels and boxes I might be tempted to attach to my life and work. But, after nearly 25 years in religious life, these are the ones that define me to my core. There are many other things I may be, but these are who I am.

I'm Karekin. Folks call me Brother K and some call me Mama K. I earned the nickname PunkMonk as the first Gen-X member of the Brotherhood in 1995. This from my years as a street savvy, anti-autoritarian, punk kid who came to religious life with a mohawk and an attitude and a suspicion of my parents' merely cultural Christianity. My work is about trying to live the Gospel openly and radically. By prayer, worship, and service as a vowed religious; by preaching, teaching and writing about the uncompromising love of God; by bearing witness to non-violence and sacred resistance in the face of power and politics; by offering the blessing of love and joy to all of God's creatures small and great; and by protesting in the streets on behalf of the oppressed and marginalized. This is what I do! In short, it is about committing to my Baptismal Covenant in the Christian faith and its promise to respect the dignity of every human person and to seek and serve Christ in all persons. (Episcopal, The Book of Common Prayer) I have tried to do this most of my adult life. God willing, I have the energy to try to succeed for the rest of my years.

Here you can find out about my life and work as —what some would call—a "scandalous" Christian. A Christian that doesn't guard the gates against those whom the world despises. You are warmly invited to read my writings, and I hope become passionate about stepping out into the world in love and service to God by serving those whom God loves. And that means everyone. But especially, those whom the world leaves behind.

If you are a person, most especially a Christian, who is easily offended by the lives of ordinary radicals; the outcast and oppressed; the beautiful and scandalous; the extraordinary and sometimes untidy creatures of God, this website is likely not for you. But you are still welcome to look around in case the kind of Christianity I have might be catching. I pray God it may be so.

Welcome. And I hope you'll look around.