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Karekin M Yarian (k. m. yarian) is a transgender author and social activist from San Francisco, and is a member of the Episcopal religious community known as the Brotherhood of Saint Gregory since 1994. They are the Protector Emerita of the Companions of Dorothy the Worker, an Ecumenical religious community dedicated to ministry in the Queer community in San Francisco.  Karekin is the author of In Love and Service Bound: The First Forty Years of the Brotherhood of Saint GregoryThe Skillfulness of Shepherds: Gregorian Reflections on the Spiritual Life and co-author of Equipping the Saints – two volumes currently used in the Brotherhood’s formation program;  For the Balance of My Natural Life – a reflection on Life Vows in the Gregorian Way; and How To Be a Disciple and Digital, a starting ethics for social media, tribe: fire-songs, a collection of poetry about their journey into gender transition and self-acceptance; and winter breviary, a single volume poem about our post-modern spiritual anxiety. They are also the subject of the award winning documentary "Changing Habits" by Sara Needham, and have appeared in the nationally released via media series produced by Every Voice Network, an advocacy organization in the Episcopal Church for progressive causes.

As an advocate of the Progressive Christian movement, they have been involved with such organizations as Cross Left, an organization of information networking and strategy for Social Justice Christians; Social Redemption, a technology working group dedicated to reassertion of progressive Christian values in the public sphere; and Every Voice Network which organized a major conference in Washington DC in to reassert progressive faith narratives in the national conversation to counteract religious fundamentalism during the second Bush Administration.

Karekin's work in San Francisco includes spiritual advocacy for members of the transgender and broader Queer community and political activism for the disenfranchised. Brother K publicly came out as transgender in October of 2017. They are a Spiritual Director, and work in a variety of ministries in support of the Gospel mandate to care for the "least of these." Online Karekin is known as PunkMonk, San Francisco. (edit. source: Wikipedia)

“I watched the moon stare at her face this morning, in a tide pool on the beach at 5AM. Such vanity from nothing but a spirit; a hungry ghost who feeds upon our sighs, swallows up the echo of our wailing days – we, whose withered hearts grow plaintive, now wandering as a flock of birds.” — from “Stonehouse”
Br. Karekin, BSG