Welcome to me


It’s National Coming Out Day! 37 years ago approximately October, I came out as a little gay boy.

Today, I am blessed to come out yet again as a transgender non-binary person. This was a lot more difficult.

My whole adult life, I struggled with my gender identity. I always thought I had to choose to be male or female. Neither felt authentic to who I am or complete. This struggle has lasted for 40 years. Today, that ends with this public disclosure.

I have been blessed by a loving and supportive husband, a loving family and countless friends, and a community that values me for who I am.

I began my transition one year ago last month, medically and emotionally. It has been and I trust will continue to be a joyful, magical, and essential fulfillment of my own authentic self. Navigating beingness in that space between being both and neither male/female. The truth of me.

Being a public figure has complicated the emotional landscape of disclosure, but the fears and anxieties have helped me stretch and grow. Today, I am ready to say...

I am transgender. And I am proud.

Thank you to all who have loved me and will continue to love me through this time of new and abundant life. And thanks be to God, who has led me ever more deeply into my integrated self, so that I may continue to love and serve the One who is Love above all else.

Yours faithfully

Brother Karekin