Living With Grace in Caesar's World


No, beloveds...I don't believe God tests us. I don't believe in a God who sends us trials, or a God who "won't give us more than we can handle." I won't confuse God with the realities of life that are often difficult and challenging.

I do believe in a God that infuses every moment with the possibility of grace. And that the journey of faith is to seek that grace and its Giver in every situation, in every trial, and in every moment when the choice is between despair and hope; between anger and love; between fear and patience.

Rather than see a God who is absent in trials, or who brings them upon us to test us, I would rather seek the grace that is to be found and that transforms the possibility of suffering into one of triumph. This is Resurrection life. Every moment can be redeemed for the good. This neither negates our sorrow nor diminishes our pain, but it is truly giving to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and giving to God what is God’s. And what is God's is the sure trust that nothing in Caesar's world can diminish the human spirit or its dignity.