If you would be a peacemaker, it is not enough to just *be* peaceful. It's not about not making waves. Peacemaking is about disruption. It's about disrupting the narrative of empire. It's about seeking your own tendency toward violence and rejecting the impulse to commit it, or seeing with clear eyes the violence of others and refusing to participate in it. It's about calling out injustice without shaming those who perpetrate it, but speaking truth about unjust actions committed by violent and oppressive systems or people and accepting the consequences for doing so. Even unto death. And it's about proclaiming a love that is great enough to contain both the oppressed and the oppressor without distinction. Because love is not a zero sum game. Peacemaking is about the proclamation of a love that threatens to destroy the very divisions that we rely on for our false sense of safety and security. It's dangerous business. But peacemaking is our only hope. Peacemaking requires risk. Heart, strength, courage, and patience. But the costs of our violence, war, and divisions are much greater indeed.