On Being Wrong

The challenge and gift of a life lived in God is that it keeps humility always before you - waiting. It reminds you day by day, moment by moment, how little you actually know. About anything. Far from the modern American religious landscape, a life truly lived in God should cause all of our certainties to crumble, not to keep our biases propped up or to help us ignore our own blindness. A life lived in God illuminates our brokenness, our faults, shows us the truth of our interior geography that leaves little doubt about our absolute dependence - our contingency as human beings. The truth is — we need! We are insufficient in ourselves to accomplish much without each other and a whole lot of “unexplained” grace in the midst of life’s challenges. And, a life lived in God provides us with a template for how to love others without judgment, knowing as we do that we are loved even with our shortcomings, in our darkest and most ill-examined and unsavory places where we judge ourselves without mercy. There is no gift more humbling or more urgent if we are to move past our pettiness and our divisions. To heal this world, we need to move past our “plain” truths and our certainties into a place of surrender to our limitations and our ignorance. Only then can love make us free. Only then will love knit back together what we have so willfully torn apart for the sake of being “right”.