The Darkest Prison


The first prison that we need to be liberated from...the most painful and dark that of our imprisonment by our own selves. Our own desires, striving for comforts, our bestial nature that demands satisfaction, recourse to our petty grievances, the prison that holds us in thrall to our own wants. The dark walls that enclose us in our own selfishness. Freedom, the kind that comes from Christ, is rooted in letting go. Of outcomes we desire, and the circumstances and people we manipulate to achieve them; of fears of scarcity and judgment; of failures and flaws that we believe define us and separate us, of our arrogant entitlements that fill us with resentment when frustrated. If you want to be free, then take a look at the prison you have created. The key is forged of forgiveness, mercy, generosity, and love. And you can never wield it. It is always held in the care of the poor and the oppressed to whom Christ has entrusted our freedom. And until you look for it there, you'll remain a captive by the walls you yourself have built.