Let's Rest a Moment


Let us take a rest for a brief hour from politics and issues and positions. Let us, for just a moment, lay aside our certainties and our inviolable "truths" and our opinions.

I'm tired of griping, of agonizing, of being afraid.

Let's not have fears, but fantasies together.

Let's not choose to be obstacles to one another's peace.

Let's be not afraid of every bit of bad news; let's not indulge in every injurious thing.

Let's not protect ourselves from one another, friend!

There is no peace there.

Let's sit down together and eat something good even if it's bad for us.

Let me give myself to you.

Let us be a moment of respite and peace to one another.

I'll tell you of hopes, and disappointments; of joys and regrets. Of striving and accomplishment and then you tell me of yours!

Let me give you a story.

Let me sing you a song.

Speak to me of colors and scents that remind you of younger days.

I'll listen to your truth...listen to mine also.

I want to feed you poetry.

I want to suck the marrow from your dancing bones, cry over your hurts, laugh until I ache with you, and drink deeply of the sunset together.

I want to hear about your silly mistakes, and your greatest moments, and every song that makes you weep.

Let me share my own stories, my songs and hopes and what peace I have found.

Let us not be isolated even while in the same room.

Let's, instead, speak of pains and strains and the things we both are embarrassed by.

Life need not be terrifying, but Lord it is short.

I trust in God, but that's because God points me to you.

Let's not waste that.

Death need not be the thing that calls us to one another...let life and joy also do this.

Let's not be so afraid that we turn away from each other.

Let's be filled with hope.

I'll rejoice in all that you've overcome to find peace and joy.

Do likewise with me.

Our hopes are the same, after all.

We seek love.

We long for rest.

And we've forgotten that it can only be found in each other.