Following Jesus

So you want to be a follower of Jesus? Then be prepared to lose everything. Because only in our willingness to let go can we be emptied to make room for what God wants for us. Some things you will surely lose. Others perhaps. Some things, maybe not. But once you follow the Teacher, you don’t get to choose what gets pried away, or what must be laid down gently. You will soon discover how many idols you have in your life that you have placed on the Throne of God. How many false idols have taken up residence on the Mercy Seat that has its home in your heart. Success, status, a lover, a job, an addiction? Perfectionism, intolerance, anger, self-pity? There are so many. But when the Love of Christ comes to dwell, there will be no room for anything else. And that love will scour away anything that stands in the way of what God desires. Mercy, forgiveness, justice. These are the fruits of following Jesus. So…if you want to follow, then be prepared. Let go.