On Disconnection


Whatever path you choose in life, whether it be one of religion, philosophy, or merely kindness, ask yourself if it is binding you to others, or separating yourself from them? Our individualism in the broad stroke is a wonderful gift when it leads to the unpacking of the diversity of human Being-ness. But it can also be our greatest undoing when that individualism becomes selfish when turned inward, and judgmental when turned outward. The interior life is about discovering who we are so that we might find points of connection to the “other” not so that we might find excuses for disconnecting. And sadly, in our common life in this country today, our rabid attachment to self is causing us to disconnect from any who do not share in the values, identities, and beliefs we have chosen to define ourselves. The Christian faith revealed in the life and teachings of Jesus is precisely intended to be the antidote to this dislocation and disconnection from one another. To see it used to further an agenda of separation, judgment, and hate is one of the greatest sorrows of our current time. The deep work of the Christian journey through life is really about finding the path of love, compassion, and understanding. Free from judgment, steeped in reconciliation, joyfully forgiving, and utterly self-giving.