The Struggling Heart


Today, I pray—for you who struggle with death and dying or the pending loss of loved ones; for you who are trying to make sense of loneliness, or isolation, or fear; and you whose body grows frail or suffers pain; for you on the edge of some big change that makes you uncomfortable. I hold you in my heart, lifting you up before the throne of Grace, to the One who is love. I hold you up with strength that is not mine, but ours together. I lift you up into the light that Love is, and mercy also. So that in our weeping together, your spirit may be soothed by shared tears. So that in our togetherness we may be sheltered by God’s loving arms. So that wherever you are in your pain you will not be alone. I thank you for letting me pray with you, for letting me hold you up in this way, for letting my heart be intimate with yours while you feel vulnerable in suffering, or grief, or uneasiness. For I know, even if you do not feel it yet, that God will bring you peace. Let this be enough for now. Yes…I will trust for you, and I will pray for you, and I will wait with you for as long as it takes until your heart is eased. God has said it is not good for us to be alone. And so, today, I will not let you be alone. #CommunionInTruth