A Morning Prayer


I praise you who
infuses me, whose
love holds me in place,
gathers up the atoms
that comprise me,
whose thoughts now will
and wonder in the vast
space, the eternity
between the boundaries
of me and nothingness.
I praise you, Mother,
who fashions me
anew in every moment,
in the endless flow
of death and life, of
birthing and becoming,
and of shedding off
all that has served
its gentle purpose.
I praise you, Father,
who dreams me
every moment into
fullness and the real,
this body you have
bound to this fair present,
hurtling through the mists
of time and cosmos
toward your pleasure.
I praise you, having made
me, that in my unmaking
you will knit me back
into the wind so we
can dance among
the stars.

 © 2015 Karekin Yarian