What Are We As Christians To Do?

Just what are we Christian folk called to? It might seem a bit unclear given all those folks out there who call themselves Christian but actively work against what Christ taught about the poor, the oppressed, and our belovedness in God's eyes.

As Christians, we are called to PRAY with others and for others, whether Christian or not, knitting our voices to everyone who prays for the world. We pray for those who don’t or won’t or can’t, lifting our voices on behalf of these and all others who are voiceless or who remain silent. Those who have had the prayer beaten right out of them. We pray for restoration of right relationships, for healing, for God's Reign to come and wipe away every tear. We pray for peace. For love to prevail. We pray for our hearts to be changed.

As Christians, we are called to WAIT with others who wait, whether Christian or not, for hope and joy and light and love to triumph. We wait on behalf of those who don’t or won’t or can’t wait any longer; who have lost their hope that love will win in the end; bearing witness to patience and trust that God will heal the world. 

As Christians, we are called to DO with others who do, whether Christian or not, feeding and loving and caring, offering compassion to those who are oppressed and wounded. We do on behalf of others who don’t, who through apathy or fear or misdirected anger have been taught that doing is fruitless. Or who believe that there are others who don’t deserve our love or compassion. We do this to bear witness to the value of every human being, hoping that others will learn by our example. Hoping that others will come to understand that we are Christ’s hands and feet in the world, and that we can choose to be a part of what heals the world. Until God restores all things.

This is our calling as faithful Christ followers. To love, to pray to wait, and to work for the world…all of the world. Whether Christian or not.

All else is madness.