Why Jesus, for Christ's sake?

The One

I follow Jesus because he is the embodiment of love —soul-drenching, authentic, and transformational love. The love that compels us to care for one another, to share in our deepest humanity, to serve, and to seek the dignity in every person. A love that impels us to sacrifice ourselves for one another, to sacrifice our selfishness, our agendas, and our systems of oppression.

I follow Jesus because he lived wholly and fully in the quest for justice and mercy, that he cried out constantly for forgiveness, for wholeness, and for an end to the marginalization of people. I follow the call to strive to end our violence, and to unravel the fabric of institutions and systems that continue to marginalize those whom we have turned into the “other.”

I follow Jesus because these values of love, mercy, forgiveness, and justice are not abstractions, and we are not to pursue them with detachment, but with passion, vigor, and firm hope that they can be found and manifest in human lives.

I follow Jesus because he points to a vision of God that is inherently communal, deeply personal, and intimately present. Not a God who divides and parcels, but a God who knits everything, every person, every moment together in a great movement toward healing and redemption. Not a God who is unconcerned, but a God who is wholly committed to the human project and the Creation’s flourishing in peace rather than withering in entropy. A God who is so concerned that he took on human flesh and human pain and human death to save us.