A Wide and Narrow Way

(dedicated to the ministry and witness
of Mid-Michigan Interfaith)

It is the narrow path we
walk along that widens
these hearts, binds us each
to the road where we
may seek as One-in-Many.

We may grope uncertainly;
for a time retreat to
certainties too closely
held; Apart-and-not-Apart
until we’re weary…

By sure design, this is
our ironic gift; the means
by which the Divine Life
jostles us playfully, pares
away the immaterial, the un-

necessary; leaves us
only with one another’s
company on the way.
Towards the Love that
always reconciles, never

once alone, we follow;
seek the only destination
that will melt away
division in a blaze of light.
As we meet along

this strange and wilding
road, you and I and
all of us, what greater
joy than to sooner say - 
that we have found Paradise


© 2015 Karekin M Yarian, BSG