Love is Enough


The only boundary between us and the outsider is our fear. Fear that to be in relationship with the “other” means that we will lose ourselves. Fear that the “other” may indeed transform us. But it is not merely the other that will transform us, but it is love that will change us. “Perfect love casts out fear,” as the Scripture reminds us. But what does this mean? What it means is that we must acknowledge that we are more deeply human and more fully in God when we have put down fear and picked up love. I don’t mean the trite and fuzzy love that makes us feel good. I’m talking about the kind of love that is willing to lay down everything, to sacrifice our “selves” for the sake of mercy, justice, peace, and compassion. What is there to fear if we all accept that everyone should be cared for? Surely there is enough love in the Most High God for all of us? Or has your vision of God become so small that God’s love is no longer inexhaustible, but reserved? If you are not willing to bear love for one another instead of fear, then you mock Christ and the sacrifice on the Cross. It becomes just a story of our own brokenness, rather than a story of the endless, lavish, and inexhaustible love of God.