On Wholeness


Being fully committed to your spiritual life isn’t about some ascetic practice that will free you from whatever supposed human characteristics that block you from God. It is instead a way to embrace your humanity more fully and more completely. It is about finding joy rather than putting it away. It is about enjoying the body you inhabit even with its limitations, seeing your mind in all of its unpredictability and complexity, and honoring your emotions without judging whether they are right. The spiritual life is the humble contemplation of your own self as utterly connected to everything else and finding peace in letting go of the belief that you can control the world around you. The spiritual life is about rejoicing that God, and all of Creation, find their fullest expression in you as you are; and that finding your wholeness is the first great act of reciprocity to the unquenchable love that brought you into being. It is quite simply the discovery that God is already within you.