Faith and Reason


If humanism, self-determination, and the rational mind are to be a suitable alternative to the narrative of faith in the public sphere as the arbiter of our modern moral conscience -- then humans better start acting a whole lot better. Because, generally speaking, I'd say at present we need better proof that self-reliance is viable. I'll take love, justice, and mercy any day. And presently, I don't think we can lay any claim to these as our own without being laughably out of touch. At least the faith narrative understands love as an imperative and not an individual choice if the world would be healed.


Likewise, if faith is going to be a valid voice in an increasingly secular world -- it must proclaim true human freedom and dignity; it must address the reality of failure in the face of all of its proclaimed hopes and dreams; the faithful's unwillingness to listen to its own story in the midst of fear; and it must proclaim the beauty of the rational mind as a gift to faith for the healing of the world. If not, then people of faith must acknowledge our own failure or the failure of our gods. At least the rational mind sees the world as it is, rather than what it might be or might have been in our broken human imaginations.


Faith without reason is blind. And reason without faith is deaf.


Because humans without the awe of the "Divine Other" have proven ourselves unaware of our own inherent value, shorn of dignity and compassion. Separated from beloved-ness. The Divine as punisher, destroyer, judge --  enforcer of human hatred and bias -- is the story of human self-loathing and the self defeating fears of a monkey mind that hasn't evolved beyond a fear of scarcity.


The narrative of self-determination has led us precisely here. Where everyone competes - for voice, for dignity, for place, for freedom, for power, for love -- and fear says there is never "enough" to share.


The reptile mind lashes out in fear of the dark, because it takes the light of the rational mind and the meaning making heart of faith together to lighten the path.


Until we find human freedom and divine love as part of the Universe's same purpose; then we have proven ourselves to be nothing more than a hideous accident of genetic evolution that maims itself over and again until it consumes and destroys itself in the blink of an eye.


Until we open our hearts and minds to unexplained grace originating beyond our mere selves, then we are diminished in our possibilities. If we don't have the means to reconcile and forgive the failure of our minds, our politics and motivations, our voracious hunger to power - with our hopes, our creativity, and our inherent beloved-ness as the objects of Divine Love and forgiveness - then we will never experience true freedom.