Documenting Truth


Truth: there is no such thing as alt-right. It’s called white supremacy.

Truth: there is no such thing as alt-left. There is opposition to white supremacy. There is resistance.

Truth: opposition is not equivalent to hateful ideologies. It is a moral imperative to do so, not a moral equivalence.

Truth: there are no such things as alternative facts. These are called lies.

Truth: there are such things as facts. That they contradict your opinions, agendas, or point out evil behaviors used by corrupt power doesn’t make them less than facts.

Truth: a white supremacist occupies the White House. The administration is comprised of out-of-the-closet fascists.

Truth: fascists will constantly try to convince you that your allies are your enemies, and your enemies are your salvation.

Truth: fascists will try to convince you that the truth is false news, and that their story is the only truth. They will always seek to control the narrative.

Truth: American Christian evangelicalism has become the new Reich Church. They will stop at nothing to destroy and delegitimize opposition to their power over all aspects of American society.

Truth: Donald J Trump has unleashed hell on the American people today. And while it’s only just started to get warm, make no mistake. Fire is coming. And we had all better be prepared.

Truth: Silence is complicity.