New Book! tribe: fire-songs


Dearest friends! I’m pleased to announce, my first full length collection of poems is now available on Amazon! Currently available only in e-book, a print edition will be available in the next month. Please, consider downloading it. It’s some of the best work I’ve done. And I’m so proud. You can purchase a copy on Amazon! ( )


“k. m. yarian, a transgender author, activist, and poet in San Francisco, brings to life the joy, anxiety, and self-discovery of their own gender transition and its impact on self-image and sensuality in this new collection of poetry.

This collection is a confession, in the truest sense, of the ultimate freedom, beauty, and delightfulness of our human bodies and the celebration of them by Universe that brought them into being.

k. m. yarian is the author of four previous books of non-fiction. This is their first full length collection of poetry after having published single pieces in various periodicals over the last 20 years. Another book length poem, 'Winter Breviary' is currently in the works.”

“Yarian’s poems are lush and lovely rides through exquisite landscapes of lust, life, death, dreams and divinity’s seeming omnipresence. Yarian is a master — no, a sorcerer — of words, able to string together seamless and stirring images that provoke the reader into his or her most intimate intuitions and emotions. Love shows up everywhere in their work. These poems are intensely personal and naked dives into being alive and vulnerable. Mostly, they are a loving call to action. If we don’t wake up as their poems call us to, we die.”

-JD Cerna, GLAAD Media Award Nominated Writer